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Simplifying Sustainability

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About Us

We are an Energy-as-a-Service provider that funds and delivers energy-saving and energy-generating equipment. Comprised of a diverse group of industry experts with a broad reach of influence ranging from energy services, program applications, regulatory requirements as well as financing.  We strive to combine the best of all options into an integrated and accessible solution.  

Our passion is to deliver efficiency at every stage of the project from design, procurement, implementation and finally funding.  ASG's team of project experts will guide and accelerate your sustainability goals - helping C-suite executives, building engineers, and facility managers overcome all the traditional barriers to lower energy costs and reduced emissions.    

Achieve energy savings without financial and technical barriers.

Our flexible capital and value-engineered solutions help customers achieve sustainability and carbon reduction targets while maintaining building asset performance.  We design sustainable energy and efficiency projects across multiple building types whether its a large office or historical theater, we have a solution for it.

The business case for sustainability


Rental Rate


Occupancy Rate


Sale Price


Operational Cost


Utility Cost


Greenhouse Emissions

Our Approach

With rapidly aging infrastructure and a growing backlog of deferred maintenance, we found that our clients were faced with a critical decision.  Spend precious capital on renewal and maintenance of energy infrastructure or on investments in their core business.

Our response is to provide the best of both world's, capital and energy efficiency in a transparent and accessible format with proven results.  Combing the best of development, project finance, design and operations into a turnkey energy-as-a-service solution.  Offering immediate savings and unparalleled results.

Pre-Project Design

  • Facility Audit

  • Master Planning

  • Financial Planning

Procurement & Implementation

ASG offers a single-sourced contract with streamlined workflow from planning through construction management.

Optimization Strategies

  • Retro-commissioning

  • Measurement & Verification

  • Energy & Plant Management

Empowering companies to save millions of
dollars on their utility and operational expenses.

Image by Marty O’Neill


ASG simplifies the complexity by providing a fully funded, end-to-end sustainability solution.

Individualized programs accelerate your organization’s objectives to save money, build resiliency and meet your ESG goals with the results to back it up. We provide the funding, expertise, resources and management needed to implement energy efficiency and sustainability installations across multiple property types. This frees up capital and resources to focus on your core business.

Utility Reduction



We help clients assess their needs, design solutions, and manage their projects - without the headaches of typical construction projects.  Working to drive change and think long-term.  We manage each project step; Planning to develop scope, Design and Construction with secure fixed cost-pricing, and Optimization to coordinate all post-construction support.

Image by Aaron Birch

Historical Building Experts

ASG believes that efficiency is the first step towards preservation.  Providing all the necessary tools and resources to transform the existing building stock in to modern energy saving structures.  Whether it is as simple as an exterior restoration or as complex as multi-faceted ECM integration we have a solution for you. 

Exterior Envelope
Environmental Control
Systems Optimization

Partnerships that make a difference

Learn how working together with ASG's exclusive affiliate program you can access better, faster and more complete solutions for your next project.

Recent Project

  • $5.6mm in Project Financing
  • 121kW Solar-PV System
  • Central Plant Redesign
  • Building Envelope Upgrades
  • Water Features
  • Building Management System
  • LED Upgrade
  • Environmental Upgrades
  • 20yr New Roof
  • No Payment First 2-Years
  • 100% Project Financing
  • Historical Preservation Elements
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